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School Life

School Life


UV ESL is proud of geographical and environmental advantages. This page introduces global environment and high quality services.



Pleasant Learning Environment

Our Academy is inside dental campus. There are installed air condition in entire academy so students can focus on study without stress.

School life polishes your global sense.

There are variety of nationalities which Japan,Korea,Taiwan,China,Vietnam,Thailand,Turkey and etc…You are surrounded by them and study together. It makes you learn different cultures as well. Moreover,students are allowed to use cafeteria and library of the university. It makes opportunities to have relationship with them. we prepare the program to share the room with local people who speak fluent english.



Safe dormitory with security guard.

Our dormitory is walking distance from the academy, there are security guards staying around clock. They strictly control entrance and exit by ID card. There is installed surveillance camera as well. University has security guard as well. There are much prepared for safety as entire schools.

Laundry and house keeping as regular basis.

UV ESL provide laundry and house keeping service twice a week in order to make students live in dormitory comfortably. Generally it is relied for contractor and it takes 2 to 3 days. In case of here, it is done by our regular staffs. What you have to do is leave your cloth in front of room. It will return by the evening. Bed sheet and curtain are changed every other

トイレ ビデ機能

Toilet with bidet function and flushable

Each room in dormitory has bidet function. It is capable to flush toilet paper which is uncommon in Cebu city because of low water pressure.

Pleasant and peaceful roof top area

Students are allowed to stay at roof top area at six-storied dormitory. There are some plants that housekeepers are bring up under their much care. It makes there good atmosphere. These are served in our restaurant. Scenery from here is stunning.You can stay in between study.


Other services


Wi-Fi Support

UVESL cater rental service of pocket WiFi due to unsustainable network connection in Philippines. We lend this handy device 500pesos a month.

A nurse is available at the school.

In UVESL academy, there is a nurse available. Students are seen a nurse whenever they lose their condition. Managers are living in dormitory. UVESL is located university’s hospital. Thus, it is capable to deal with emergency happens.

Pick up service

UVESL offer pick up service for new students. When you arrived at Mactan international airport. We’re waiting with board written UVESL.

Maintenance service

When some problem happens at dormitory, you can write it down “problem book” then our maintenance staffs deal with it immediately.


We UVESL hope that all students study not only english but their moral here. We put notices or reminder through out the school to keep discipline.


Food is tasty and catered three times a day without exception

There is exclusive restaurant at dormitory. We serve meals three times a day, entire year including holidays.






City tour

UVESL center is planning city tour for students. We go around shopping mall or tourist spots.