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Business Course

Business Course


UV ESL Business English Course is designed for people who need to communicate effectively in English in their work. This course facilitates them to improve their  skills in business communication in the areas of listening, speaking, presenting, reading, and writing which are vital in both informal and formal business situations.  The course is fitted to the students’ individual needs and enhance the skills necessary for use in business contexts. While it increases the students’ knowledge of technical vocabulary, business terms and idioms, the course also presents a wide range of business situations in the form of case studies, role plays and discussions which familiarize students with issues they may encounter in business organizations and provide them with the opportunity to develop effective communication skills.


The goal of UV ESL Business English course is to give students the business communication skills they need to meet the challenges in their professional life and enhance their confidence in dealing with foreign clients and colleagues in various business situations.


On successful completion of the course the students will be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • ▶︎ Communicate more confidently in conducting business in English
  • ▶︎ Speak more accurately and fluently in discussing practical business tasks
  • ▶︎ Expand vocabulary and use complex grammar structures in business contexts
  • ▶︎ Participate in meetings more successfully
  • ▶︎ Improve skills in negotiating agreements
  • ▶︎ Deliver effective presentations
  • ▶︎ Write e-mails, letters, and reports with appropriate register
  • ▶︎ Understand business reports and correspondence


  • Duration : More than 4weeks recommended
  • Requirement : 18 years a old above , Regardless of qualification ※ Level Novice Middle and up
  • Entrance : Monday ( Arrival on Sunday / Orientation and level test on Monday / Start the class on Tuesday )
  • Certificate : We provide a certificate for the student who stays more than 8weeks above and has attendance of more than 90% per 4 weeks.
  • We recommend…who wants to study specifically business English, who has to speak English at work place.

Class Type


  • Each teacher adjusts the class to each student’s level.
  • One teacher provides two classes
  • We provide 1:1 text book
  • Class hour : 50minutes

Small group Class

  • The class is composed one teacher and maximum 5 students.
  • Group class adjusts to 3 levels(N,I,A)
  • Students can choose two classes focusing on 2 weakest skills
  • Class hour : 50minutes

Big group Class

  • The class is composed of one teacher and maximum 10 students.
  • Group class adjusts to 3 levels(N,I,A)
  • Students can choose two classes focusing on 2 weakest skills
  • Class hour : 50minutes


[授業構成]1:1 – 4hours/ Small group – 2hours/ Big group – 2hours

Class Novice Intermediate Advanced
2-2.9 3-3.9 4-4.9 5-5.9 6-6.9 7-7.9 8-8.9 9
General Business English
(Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)
Business English Essentials
(Meeting, Emails, Telephoning, Socializing, Negotiating, Presentaions)
Small group
Business Discourse : Speaking
Business Discourse : Writing
Big group
Presentation (Native Speaker)
Business English (Native Speaker)

Text book

Market leader is specific business educational material which is reliable. We also have material which is suitable for each diversified situation. Business corse is   started by native teacher who has background of business.